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Changes at Hedtek

After seven productive and enjoyable years we’ve shut down the previous incarnation of Hedtek in favour of avenues new. We no longer perform bespoke development work. Instead we are pursuing opportunities around a product we spent the last four years developing. However, we still do some external work, if you need a consultant or contractor, please contact us. […]

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A guide to commissioning software part 2: Questions about agile practices

In part 1 I covered a few of the advantages of agile development when commissioning software. In this second post, I deal with common questions that arise from a client perspective; particularly for clients who are new to working with agile developers. I start with a couple of big questions, about money and particularly about value for money and […]

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A guide to commissioning software part 1: The advantages of agile development

This is the  first post in a series about commissioning software from agile developers, and working effectively with them. Subsequent posts will deal with a number of topics, concentrating on how clients can maximise benefit to themselves by selecting an appropriate company to undertake the development, and how to best work with the developers. What […]

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Robust systems

How pleasing to have a potential client, a developer who knows us and our work well, sitting in our office, discussing a startup and work for the startup, saying words to the effect of: “I’m sitting here talking about this job because I know the systems you build are robust.” Thanks @spotlightkid, you made my […]

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Three JISC CETIS reports on
Analytics for Higher Education

We’ve just finished a lengthy spell of research and reporting that has culminated in three publications in the JISC CETIS Analytics Series. These are: Analytics for the Whole Institution: Balancing Strategy and Tactics with David Kay of Sero Consulting Analytics for Learning and Teaching Analytics for Understanding Research Links in the list above point to […]

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libUX: Improving user experience in libraries within UK HE

Here’s a report (pdf) we wrote for SCONUL on future user experience of libraries in the UK Higher Education sector. Notably, the work here includes a small ethnographic survey of UK HE student perspectives on the constraints and affordances of e-libraries by Dave Randall of Unique Adequacy Ltd. We recommend more work of this kind. […]

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Paper prototyping: mLibrary 2012 presentation

Various participants at M-Libraries 2012 asked for a copy of my invited presentation from today. Here it is for download. One thing that I don’t touch on in the presentation is the variety of prototypes that could be constructed, the talk only covers paper prototyping, and, particularly, not wireframes, low and high fidelity prototypes. Each […]

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Product Launch: Gradient e-Assessment

On the verge of the ALT-C 2012 conference in Manchester, Hedtek are proud to launch Gradient, our new e-assessment system. Gradient provides solutions for tests, assignments and exams, and supports multiple formats, including for handwritten answer books. Gradient offers: A superb interactive experience for markers Faster and more consistent marking. Enhanced student learning through personalised, actionable […]

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Statistics: we’re doing well !

Since we started out developer blog five months ago we’ve added 36 posts and had more than 4,600 page views; on average 33 times a day. Over a similar time frame our open source gems have been downloaded almost 3,800 times. Meanwhile, our main site (you’re using it) is getting about 1,500 visitors a month; […]

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First paid Moodle work

One of our part-time staff is a Moodle Committer (ie someone who helps look after Moodle source code). Together we are doing our first Moodle job, a small extension to the Moodle Web Services interface. Somewhat noise in the scheme of things, but it helps a friend company, and we’ll contribute the resultant code back […]

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