Third consecutive Jorum contract

Mimas at the University of Manchester and Hedtek recently signed the third consecutive contract for Hedtek to provide technical assistance to Jorum.

Past contracts have been

  1. A small contract to provide assistance migrating the Jorum from Edina to Mimas.
  2. A larger contract to provide temporary technical direction, diverse technical support, and to identify and start work on a way to be able to add front-end services to Jorum and upgrade Jorum’s DSpace core.

The third contract is

  1. To supply technical direction (now handed over to a new member of Jorum staff, Ben Ryan), to supply diverse DSpace technical support (e.g. we are deep in DSpace’s OAI-PMH import code right now), and most importantly, to build a new front end for Jorum, while also ensuring sustainability, thatJorum technical staff have worked on and can continue to work on the new front end.

We hope to demonstrate this front end at the next (early Feb) Jorum Steering Committee Meeting; demonstrating resource discovery by browse and search facilities, resource pages, resource content download, and deposit of new resources.

Having Jorum as a client is great: The work is interesting and enjoyable, and Jorum staff are great people to work with.

Also, for me (Mark) it feels a little like coming home; some of the work that we are doing feels like a continuation of things I identified in a previous small consultative report for Jorum.

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