The FishDelish Project: Open linked data for species description

A sample fishdelish page

Events today made me realise that we never blogged about FishDelish here, a project that we performed June 2010 to July 2011, in partnership with the University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science (UMCS) and the FishBase Information and Research Group Inc (FIN), a not-for-profit NGO.

Rather than repeat ourselves, the project aims, technologies and results appear on the FishDelish blog in the UMCS domain. Please head over there to check it out, but warning, the blog is hosted on a virtual machine that may at any time be rolled out from the fishdelish server, so the first page load may take a few seconds.

In that project we learned a whole lot about triples, linked data, triple stores and SPARQL while polishing our skills in various LD-related technologies. There remain several innovative ideas that we want to exploit in the future, including the FishOMatic architecture and advances in the area of active essays [1] which we would, sometime in the future, like to use in improved pedagogic practice.

We could not have done this project without help from Rainer Froese (IFM-GEOMAR and FIN) and Maan Bimbao (FIN) and their bravely open licensed data in FishBase, and our good friends Bijan Parsia (UMCS) and Sean Bechhofer (UMCS), both of whom know approximately a million times more about linked data and semantic technologies than we will ever know!

[1] cf Alan Kay, to whom, together with the rest of the PARQ Smalltalk group, a huge hat tip from Smalltalk programmers everywhere….


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