Statistics: we’re doing well !

Hedtek dev blogSince we started out developer blog five months ago we’ve added 36 posts and had more than 4,600 page views; on average 33 times a day.

Over a similar time frame our open source gems have been downloaded almost 3,800 times.

Meanwhile, our main site (you’re using it) is getting about 1,500 visitors a month; average 50/day.

In the last five months we’ve developed our e-assessment system, Gradient. While developing Gradient we implemented some 340 user stories and user interface features. During this, parts of Gradient were re-implemented up to seven times as we learned more about the domain, our solution, and the advanced technology that we need to use to provide simple and easy-to-use application functionality.

During this we have averaged about 1.23 person days development per user story or user interface feature, but this is heavily skewed by longer times at the start of the project. In effect, as the product owner I know at the start of the day that the top for or five stories in our kanban backlog are likely to be in the demo column by the end of the day.


Gradient is an institutional assessment system that offers significant advantages for teachers, learners, and administrators. adoption.

Gradient (without its institutional features) is  also a web app that individual teachers can use to set, administer, mark assessments and supply feedback to students.  MarkItQuicky runs in the cloud, and is available in beta form at and (soon) Students take assessments via a cloud version of the Gradient Taker Tool or via a VLE (for the latter we are working on Moodle integration at the moment, with BlackBoard following thereafter).






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