Hedtek now has a dream team

It’s been a while, in fact a couple of years since Dave Workman and I decided that we wanted to employ more developers. As essentially a two person company, Dave and I used to bemoan how we couldn’t find anyone that we wanted to work with. From experience with one company we used to outsource to, we were all too aware of the negative effects that less than expert developers have on code and system quality. And all of the developers who we met and thought of as potential candidates were either happily working elsewhere, or simply didn’t have the right mix of technical skills.

But quietly and unannounced, Hedtek has been expanding over previous months.

First we employed Ashish Sehra and more often than not, contractor Danny Ghilea. They both contribute agile developer skills in the Rails and Java areas. For our future development we also look to Ash’s past mobile experience. More recently Apache Software Foundation Member and friend Robert Burrell Donkin joined us. Robert brings twelve years of heavy-duty concurrent Java skills and contributes a very strong agile focus to our already very agile team. At the same time we appointed Alex Tse as a salaried Intern.

So now together with Hedtek staffer David Workman, we have a superb team of developers. A dream team, in fact.

All to often sudden growth like this destroys development companies, or leads to gross inefficiencies in development practices as the new staff members dilute the good habits that the company previously possessed.

We have been very careful about sudden growth, to the extent of waiting more than two years for the people who would fit with Hedtek’s development culture. As such, we were looking to employ people (i) who we already knew and had worked with and (ii) who have the key skills and the right kind of enthusiastic team-oriented personality to fit with us.

With the exception of our Intern, Alex, who comes well recommended, we have all worked together previously. We already know what to expect of each other; we all subscribe to very similar and compatible ways of working; and we all strive to help each other and apply continuous improvement practices.

It is this mutuality of experience and practice that has enabled smooth, effective and rapid growth.

Of course, we would be nowhere without our administrator and office manager, Renata Vitovjakova. Renata gets the prize for being the world’s most efficient person. Particularly, we suspect that she concurrently runs several kanban boards dedicated to administration and finance in her head.

Finally, we have Anita Workman working part time as a user-level and acceptance tester, and use Anita’s carefully honed skills to good effect in providing an independent opinion on the usability of our software.

It feels like Hedtek has been blessed 🙂

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  1. Posted February 2, 2012 at 9:17 pm | Permalink

    Splendid, I’m happy hearing good news, hope everything goes well and we hear more good news in future.
    I noticed that in the website and in the blog there is no “Feed” or “RSS” button/link to subscribe, despite I found the feed link in the html headers. I think it is easier to follow posts in RSS reader.

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