Company name change to Hedtek

Currently we

  • Lead development of a personal learning environment, with a related stealth-mode project
  • Work in resource discovery and use, particularly for personalised search and the repurposing of library catalogues
  • Are engaged in a massive data deduplication project in the library world
  • Are increasingly moving into the mashed up mobile world.

To reflect the fact that we do more than build a personal learning environments, we are changing our name from Personal Learning Environments Ltd to Hedtek Ltd, and changing our domain name to

Hedtek is more appropriate; we produce technology to augment human thought capacity and learning capacity.

And just in case you are wondering, will we design and build something like a commercial system for you? Or something that require great dollops of computer science and computer engineering skills to solve some challenging problem? Something that has little to do with head tech? Certainly!

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